The Namakagon Lake Association
Preserving & Protecting Northern Wisconsin’s Lake Namakagon

Updates on Lake Namakagon Walleye Project

July 20, 2020

Hello All! Mid Summer and we are still making progress. If you haven’t seen the 8 Fish sticks installed this last winter you should look at the North end of Paines Island, and on the Bays around Lakewoods, and a nice one south of Bucks Island. Should be something hiding under each of them now and they become better fish habitat with time. Nineteen or more are planned for this winter and hopefully more in the future. Each is either a three or five tree complex. They create great bio-mass, food for fish, and hiding spots for a variety of fish. Research shows that Walleyes do better with a healthy Yellow Perch population, and yellow perch hang their eggs on woody structure! Additionally, current understanding is Woody structure retains sight feeders in the shallows allowing young of year Walleyes time to develop and move to deeper weedlines. Fish Sticks create fish food, fish habitat, and hold sight feeders….


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Our Mission

It is our goal to preserve and protect Lake Namakagon as an environmentally healthy watershed, by sponsoring educational programs, adopting a pro-active role in the formulation of water and shore land regulations, and responsible use of this unique and irreplaceable resource for all citizens.

The Namakagon Lake Association, Inc. was formed in 1995 for the purpose of preserving and protecting Lake Namakagon and its environs. The Namakagon Lake Association, Inc. (NLA) is a not for profit organization that relies on the contributions and membership fees of land owners and other concerned citizens for its funding.

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Lake Namakagon Courtesy Code

Know and obey Wisconsin boating safety rules.

Be courteous on the water. Remember, anglers fish early and late in the day.

Stay far enough away from the shoreline to prevent wave-action erosion and to safeguard nesting waterfowl.

Inspect and clean your boat, motor and trailer to prevent the spread of exotic species.

Please immediately report any exotic species to the Namakagon Lake Association.

NEVER empty your bait bucket or release live bait into the lake.

Empty AND dry all live wells, bilges, and ballast takes BEFORE entering the lake.

Operate motorized boats at slow speeds in shallow water.

Observe “no wake” zones.

Operate your boat or personal watercraft with consideration for swimmers, anglers and shoreline dwellers.

Dispose of all trash properly, including food.

Use non-lead sinkers to protect the common loons that use the lake.

R – E – S – P – E – C – T

The rights of others.

Enjoy wildlife from a distance.

Heed the boating regulations – go slowly.

Watch your noise and your wake.

Have fun – share the moments with your friends.

Other people and creatures on the lake.

Take your trash home.